Offering A Solution When You Don’t Have One Still

Offering A Solution When You Don’t Have One Still

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While going to a store recently I was asking if they had anything that would work with this piece of gear I had just as a basic cover. I thought it would be pretty specific so I went to a specialized store that only sold electronics as opposed to any store. When I asked the employee her reaction was no in a rather non helpful way. I then asked if she knew anywhere else that could sell them and she essentially just shrugged her shoulders.

From my person experience even if you don’t carry some kind of product or service you should always try and help the person with at least some kind of alterative if possible. For example, maybe you have a solution that could work but it’s not perfect. Or like here I know what I would do time permitted would be to quickly look it up online for them to see if we can find anything. Showing that initiative demonstrates to the customer that you actually care about their business with the situation just being unfortunate that they don’t have a solution in the store.

This attitude is usually the stereotype for a larger company where people would complain the company is so big that it doesn’t care about people. If you are a smaller business that is often fighting for market share too there really isn’t any reason not to try your best with each person in these types of instances.

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