Offering Instead of Taking Value

Offering Instead of Taking Value

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One of the most annoying things I find when it comes to doing business with people is how many times people who never supported you before will act like they are your best friend all of a sudden when they see success on your end. While it can be understandable why in many way you just want to treat any further conversations with them as just business per se. It’s surprising though when people in this scenario come up to you by just saying how they think you can help them so much. As evident there is no real positive past relationship to go with and so I think it would be better to approach it with a how you can help the person as opposed to the other way around correct?

People often suggest that as a way to build a cold business relationship in general. For example, if you are trying to arrange a meeting with someone then saying how it would be great to speak with them one day as you may have some potential referrals for them will increase the odds that they will actually pick up the phone when you call. This is as opposed to saying how you have such an awesome idea that you want to run through them as I am sure people hear that one all the time.

Because even in a situation where the person knows you just want to use them per se if they feel there could be something immediately beneficial for both parties then chances are they will listen carefully. Especially in a situation if the person you are pitching is ultimately more important in the deal per se.

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