Offering Discounts Immediately For New Customers

Offering Discounts Immediately For New Customers

Recently I was thinking of getting a hard drive that was on sale at the Western Digital site and in debating if I should I registered for an account. I just wanted to see if there were any hidden fees to the purchase such as how some companies charge high shipping and handling fees. Now to my surprise they actually e-mailed me a 10% off coupon as a standard practice it seems.

Usually, these types of things would require you to search for them. But it makes you wonder if you should always do this as a way to further encourage the initial purchase. Because that first purchase is probably the most difficult. Afterwards, even for myself I would be more inclined to purchase from the business if I had an initial successful order and experience.

It’s probably a small price to pay in comparison to the marketing dollars that many people pay to try and get people’s attention. Here you have a very qualified customer as well where one has to be actively looking out for the products you carry to arrive here versus just targeting virtually everyone.

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