Odd Microsoft Keyboard Price Error $3469.95
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Odd Microsoft Keyboard Price Error $3469.95

A lot of people are still looking for Christmas gifts despite the pandemic. Many are looking to shop online as well to avoid all the crowds. But what about this price? I actually know a person that was looking for a mouse and keyboard accessory to give as a gift. But almost $3500 for this Razer BlackWidow mechanical keyboard?

Granted it’s probably a price error, but it makes me genuinely wonder how many average consumers with think there just has to be something super special about this keyboard to cost that much. Can you imagine for those who shop for presents believing the item with higher price tag must be better where they end up getting this as a gift?

On the bright side, most stores actually have an extended returns policy during the Christmas time. So if you ever end up buying things like this at least you have ample time to bring it back.

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