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Oasis Airline

A funny thing occurred today as one of my family member was staying in Canada for a bit and today she was flying back to Hong Kong. Her parents opted to go for one of the cheaper airlines called Oasis Airline and I must say it was kind of interesting at the flight check-in counter.

While checking in her luggage and all, there are these small tags that you attach to them so that the luggage will be handled and directed to the appropriate flight. No one had a pen with them, so she figured that she would borrow one from the person at the counter.

Now this part got interesting as the lady at the counter mentioned how they didn’t have a pen and that they can’t lend any to people anyways. The funny thing was that the lady actually did not have a pen herself but rather a Sharpie, which she still wouldn’t lend. It was just kind of amazing to see the lackluster effort in terms of the customer service. We then joked a bit on how you get what you pay for and that she was told ahead of time by a friend not to expect too much anyways for the price. Maybe that upside down sign at the line up was a foreshadowing on what was going to happen.

In all fairness, maybe it was just that one lady that was having a bad day or something, but I thought that was a good example on how it just takes one person to leave a bad impression for an entire organization and so if you are running a business it is so important to make sure everyone is consistent in terms of the level of service provided. Someone once told me a good example on how if you experienced bad service, you are not going to say “(name of person) gave such bad service” but rather (name of company) provides bad service”. Similarly, while I’m sure the flight itself is okay, I can’t help but to label that airline as the one that doesn’t have pens if someone mentions its name now. I wonder if it is the same when people are on board too. Like most things, if you want true service you have to pay for it I guess.

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  • Little things matter big time! The attitude at the check-in counter does not bode well for the company. If the company does not trust it’s customers with a pen, then why would potential customers trust the company with their lives?

    Stewart Marshall 8/27/2007 9:08 am

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