The Notion of Charging People You Help

The Notion of Charging People You Help

I was reading a piece of literature today which talked about how one person was able to make everything more productive and rewarding for everyone when he started to charge people for his time. At first he mentioned that he kind of laughed at the idea but he decided to try it. Sure enough, people began to order his service and everything pretty much changed from there.

This kind of hit home with me as I do have a project that I have been doing for years where in many ways it costs money and time. But I personally feel rewarded as it helps people and hearing how it has helped them makes me happy. Even I admit though at times it takes a toll on you as there are a lot of requests where I do have to sacrifice other things in an effort to attend to it.

Would you be inclined to introduce a fee based service in this case? In many ways I suppose it does make sense. At the same time it feels strange in many ways doesn’t it? I would attest the feelings to be like someone who volunteers to help a charity only to one day say they want to be paid an hourly wage for their time. Would this be something you would do in a heartbeat for example?

I think the common question is are you a business or a charity? I wouldn’t even know how to answer that in like this case as it would be more along the lines of one of those things you do for the passion of it. It’s more like a hobby where it would be nice to be able to do what you do which supports you financially as well as opposed to being a money drainer. I need to think about this for a bit I think.

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  • Gary A Fowler 4/17/2019

    When you ask for work at a non-profit business like a charity, the understanding is that you are volunteering your time, and that you won’t be paid for it. Usually, that is made clear in writing.

    But, if you have some type of unique professional service that you’ve just done everyday, at home or at work, and others ask you to do it for them also, because it saves them time and/or labor, then by all means, charge money for your service. If it’s unique enough, you may very well not have any competition. If there is competition, then charge a fair price. Otherwise, what you charge will depend upon demand for it.

    If your service is unique, you should protect it, so that not just anyone can copy it. You can get a patent or a trademark, and register it. Others should recognize the service as valuable, and can then ask for your permission to copy it through a franchise opportunity, or something similar. You would have control over each instance of the service.

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