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Not Without My Authorization

Awhile ago I was contacted on the phone by some firm that wanted me to advertise in its directory as they were saying how people within their community could really use my skills/services as it is in a high demand. The cost of it was $995 apparently and of course I just said I would think about it.

Recently though, I have been receiving continuous e-mails about it with constant price reductions to further encourage me to take the plunge. The last e-mail I got had one of the strangest sales tactics I have seen I thought as on one line of the e-mail they stated:

For your convenience I have arranged: Okay to pay Sept/Oct/Nov 2008

As of now I am just thinking that it is simply a way to get you to respond to them. On the other hand, I was just thinking how silly this will be if they actually did end up executing the service without me ever agreeing to it. At this point, I am just going to ignore it and see if they actually will go ahead and attempt to bill me for it. Should make for an interesting story I thought if they do.

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