Not Wanting To Spend Money Versus Over A Budget
Financial Management

Not Wanting To Spend Money Versus Over A Budget

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I was thinking where one thing that is kind of different in the way I manage money is my mindset where many times I simply don’t like to spend money if I don’t have to. You may say everyone is like that as we all like free stuff. But what I mean is usually people set aside money for certain things in life like an entertainment budget. So for them spending money it’s more about not wanting to go over that budget. If they do they start to get that icky feeling where they are doing something wrong per se.

I usually have that mindset for every purchase I do. That doesn’t mean I get say anxious or anything having to spend money for basic food necessities as an example. But I am always hyper aware to want to spend as little as possible not because of not wanting to go over a budget. It’s just generally speaking I value the time I spent to earn that dollar where I want to get the most out of it while not wanting to sped it if I really don’t have to.

This is important I feel otherwise it’s kind of like falling into the bad habit of trying to save money only when you get in a position of financial difficulty. I guess it’s like cleaning a house. There is a point where you can be too obsessed in making sure not even one little dust exists. But it’s better to be conscious about wanting to keep the place tidy consistently as opposed to only when everything looks like a war zone.

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