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Not Wanting To Even Open The Bills

Today I was watching this show that dealt with trying to help people get out of debt and this one lady apparently had a lot of bad debt and instead of addressing it she chose to ignore it. For example, when she got a bill in the mail she wouldn’t even open it as she was afraid to deal with it. Ironically, she organized all the mail pretty neatly as well with the only thing being she never actually opens them. Makes me wonder how many people do or have done that when they feel that they are not in control of their money.

Isn`t it more tormenting not opening those bills? Maybe this is a little silly, but sometimes I open the bills with an expectation that I will see some kind of free offer or discount coupon that is inside. So if anything I guess you can say you are throwing away potential free money by not opening it. If I was in that situation I think the best way to get out of that habit for myself is to find someone who wasn’t in debt to shadow, so to speak, as I think seeing other people who have their finances in control can be a big motivator for you to take action as one would rather be in their situation financially.

I guess it’s like a mentor too in many ways where it gives you something to reference by while setting goals for yourself to reach something good as opposed to thinking only bad things will ever happen. Heck, if you have to then even I would say some of those TV personalities who talk about money will do fine. Definitely better than building a fort with your bills.

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