Not Spending On Holiday Occasions If It Means You Have To Go Into Debt
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Not Spending On Holiday Occasions If It Means You Have To Go Into Debt

With Halloween coming up that usually means people will purchase a lot of goods and treats for the kids to celebrate the occasion. Some people hand out rather inexpensive items and some people give out large candy bars. We all love the people that give out the big stuff as a kid right? Very rarely as a child I ever saw people who chose to give a “trick” which usually just involves trying to scare the child. But what got me thinking about the topic is I heard recently that there was a person who wasn’t going to buy candy due to needing to save money.

Nothing wrong with that of course. But then there were people saying how he was cheap not to do it as it was once a year. To me that is wrong to try and shame people to do things that they can’t afford. In many ways this kind of peer pressure spending is what gets people into debt where they feel the need to eat at expensive restaurants or get luxury items they can’t afford. All for what? To impress people who clearly don’t have your well-being in mind?

Even as a kid if someone chose the “trick” route I wouldn’t be demanding as I understand it’s stuff people are giving away for free that you should be thankful for. Don’t ever feel the need to spend money if you truly can’t afford it.

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