Not Seeing Deals For A Long Period
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Not Seeing Deals For A Long Period


For certain grocery items like celery it seems like he price is still up the roof where a simple stalk of the stuff can cost like five dollars or more currently. This is compared to the price range of one to two dollars that I would normally see not too long ago. So today I saw some stores selling celery stalks for about three dollars. While it wasn’t the cheapest I have seen it the price just sounded like a great deal considering the price has been over five dollars for so long. So I actually did end up buying one.

Kind of makes you wonder if in like these cases I should have still just waited it out as I technically didn’t have to buy it as it was more of a haven’t had it in a long time so why not? I guess that does relate to how I mentioned many times where if you constantly go to places like the supermarket to familiarize yourself on what the prices are like seeing something a lot cheaper overall currently makes feel like it’s actually a good deal in many ways. Even though technically you have seen it cheaper.

Err….I guess I can semi justify too because it’s something healthy right…..? Ideally I guess you would always have alternative things to purchase that could essentially accomplish the same thing. A little trickier with food items of course.

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