Not Having Options For Smaller Groups

Not Having Options For Smaller Groups

Today I visited m dad and he wanted to take me to a restaurant for dinner which I agreed to. It was kind of strange as the restaurant was completely empty even though it was located a pretty decent location. On top of that, we were initially the only ones there. This was a Chinese restaurant and usually they have specials for people dining in groups of say two or four. However, this place apparently only had specials meant for four people.

He even asked the waitress if there were specials for two people but they confirmed it was only for four people which would be way too much food. Oddly enough, she suggested that we get the special meant for four people anyways. That wasn’t happening of course as the price was even over $100 dollars. It made me wonder if that was the reason the place wasn’t as busy due to the fact that there are no specials for smaller groups of people. The food seemed okay too.

I would think a party of two would be very common such as people going out on dinner dates. Granted they may only want larger families to dine as they usually spend more, but that is a huge chunk of people you would be ignoring.

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