Nordstrom Sale Too Small For Many

Nordstrom Sale Too Small For Many

This was interesting as yesterday I was talking about how the store Nordstrom was going to start is liquidation sale today. While it did happened and I questioned whether or not people would go crazy over small discounts on luxury items, it was heavily criticized today that the sale was only five percent off at the store. Imagine that as most stores would at least start with maybe ten to twenty percent off. But only five percent?

People still went to check things out of course. But it makes you wonder what kind of market research and data a company was looking at to assume five percent off would start getting items to fly off the shelf. The only thing I can think of is a lot of the items are so high priced where a small percentage could mean a lot of money saved. But again, I still think the expectation is to have at least ten percents to start.

To be fair, a lot of stores that conduct liquidations markup their prices in the beginning to give a false sense of a sale even at ten percent where it would be worst than a regular day. So, if that is the case here then maybe the five percent wouldn’t be bad. But it sure doesn’t sound good PR wise.

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