Non Money Saving Bundle Deals
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Non Money Saving Bundle Deals

I was at a Walmart the other day and I saw that they were having this clearance sale of various DVD titles. In an effort to get rid of them faster I suppose, a lot of the DVD’s were marked as a bundle deal such as buy any two DVD’s for $10 or other ones that were marked as 5 DVD’s for $15.

So naturally, you would be inclined to grab say another DVD even if you were only interested in one to get the deal. Many times at a checkout terminal these products would in fact ring out at a regular price and then adjust accordingly depending on a certain package promotion.

This case was different however as all of the DVD’s for example that were marked as two for $10 could actually be individually bought for $5 each. Similar with the 5 for $15 you could buy each one for $3. It’s actually very common too where companies would have some kind of “Buy it together” sign and you automatically assume you are getting some kind of deal when really you are not.

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