Nintendo eShop Closing And Digital Product Ownership

Nintendo eShop Closing And Digital Product Ownership

Today is apparently the last day for Nintendo’s digital shop services for its 3DS and Wii-U platforms as the service will be disconnected. That means games will no longer be downloadable from the store which is making some people scramble to buy everything for collector’s sake. As well, many games actually rely on the service to do weekly updates of sort such as providing free credits for play. Technically those games won’t function as intended anymore either.

It also got to think as a consumer where if you have any product nowadays that is dependent on having Internet service for it to even operate it will be vaporware when the company closes. This is versus owning something that is designed to be standalone with the mindset that there is no real way to update it afterwards like in the past. Kind of makes you think if that is something to consider when buying items nowadays.

Imagine having a car where you can’t just take it out as you know it now where instead there is a car that has mandatory requirements for you to update a map of sort from the company before it will be allowed to drive off. Basically, if the company goes then so does the car. Crazy to think about if that ever happens, but is it too far fetched for many products to have that risk nowadays?

There was even a time-lapse camera I was interested in before but apparently the way it works is all the images you capture have to be uploaded to a cloud service which the company runs and only there can you then process the images you took. This is versus you just taking a memory card out of the device or physically plugging it into your computer to download them. That was the sole reason that turned me off. I guess like with this eShop closure it can happen so buying products like those can be risky.

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