Having The Network Support Through Authentic Relationships

Having The Network Support Through Authentic Relationships

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This was a funny scenario today as a person who has been helping myself and another person a lot happened to have a technical issue with his phone. He wasn’t exactly tech savvy as even using a social media site is daunting to him. Now the problem was pretty simply where his phone storage was full and hence he couldn’t store anymore photos. So the solution is simply where you just need to like dump the memory from the phone onto like a computer.

Now he apparently went to a store to inquire about this and the employee apparently told him a very strange answer. He was told that he couldn’t transfer photos from his phone to like say his laptop because his phone memory was full. Yes, I typed that right. He apparently asked this a few times too. When I heard that I immediately said that is absolutely wrong. Of course again since he wasn’t tech savvy he was just stunned on how simple it was as I was explaining it to him that you just need to say plug in the cord and start downloading.

After talking about it a bit he then brought up how the employee told him that he needed to buy a new phone. You are all probably thinking the same thing I am right? Basically, it just sounded like the employee wanted to make a sale by taking advantage of his lack of knowledge. Myself and the other person immediately jumped at that and said he we show him how to do it right now and all and emphasized how you he was being fed wrong information. That was like an $800 save too.

What I was thinking was how myself and the other person just immediately took initiative to help. I thought about that just like business networking relationships that come as a result of having an authentic relationship. This person genuinely helped people, including us, that I saw and always appreciated the help back. Neither party tries to use each other in the sense of viewing it as what can they immediately take from the other per se whether it’s money or knowledge while taking things for granted.

That actually goes way over the head of many people I find as they always forget the relationship aspect of doing business or developing that support system. Almost like a store that just sees people as a number for money as they say or individuals that just focus on what they personally want all the time while neglecting others. I am always surprised when people or businesses with that mentality wonder “where is everyone” after with the above example. It was a great example of the day I thought where if one has authentic relationships with people then you can in a sense be assured that those same people will be there when you need it.

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