Neighborhood Stores Can Be So Much Cheaper At Times
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Neighborhood Stores Can Be So Much Cheaper At Times

With a lot of talk about food prices recently and federal money that is supposed to be provided to many people this got me thinking as I walked by one of my old neighborhoods. I remember all the local stores in the area and how they offered some very good prices that competed very well with larger supermarkets. That remained the same it seems as for one store I saw a lot of great deals.

For example, two small packs of blueberries for two dollars or two small pack of grape tomatoes for one dollar. Most large stores would easily charge about two to three dollars or moor just for one. It’s good to see the small businesses still surviving even with those rates. It helped me a lot in developing my frugal shopping habits since I would pass by the stores virtually everyday and could compare prices immediately.

Do people ever factor that in I wonder when moving into a new neighborhood? I know having accessible grocery shopping is usually on the radar, but how about places that offer what you need at great prices? That could definitely affect your finances more in the long run if you looked for neighborhoods with these types of options.

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