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Negotiating Before or After Your Contract Expires

I was looking at some cell phone ads today and it reminded how this year my contract is expiring and so I can decide to either stay with my current carrier or not. Usually this means getting a new phone at minimum in exchange for you signing a new contract. That then made me wonder, is it better to negotiate a deal just before your contract expires or after?

When you think about it, for services like these you can usually find a good deal anytime as long as you have some kind of connection. Another example is how you can always get companies to drop its prices based on what a competitor is offering. Overall though, I would say it’s probably better to negotiate it before your service expires. The reason is pretty simply as to the business it probably costs a lot more marketing dollars to get you back as oppose to keeping you on.

If you think about it too, before the contract expires you can negotiate on the fact that you are a current customer as well as using any competitor offers that you see. So it helps to increase the odds of getting a better deal I think.

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