More Efficiency With Less or More People

More Efficiency With Less or More People

Usually one would assume the more people you have running a business the more efficient it would be. That sounds right on paper as theoretically you have more manpower to get things done faster right? With that thought, I was reading how some fairly large companies have been downsizing recently where the economy is slowing down and so it seemed like the necessary thing to do unfortunately. You would think that would create more stress in the workplace where the people remaining need to do more now, but in some of the cases it seemed to make things more efficient.

From the sounds of it, it seemed like it was due to the fact that a lot of the small jobs that were filled initially were fairly trivial partly due to the fact that the company was making so much money that they didn’t really care too much. For example, imagine hiring someone in a kitchen to cook noting but hamburgers and another person who cooks nothing but cheeseburgers. Like there, would it just make more sense to have one person cook both burgers and afterwards all you do is put on cheese for some?

So the company was forced to readjust their business in these ways which to me seems like that’s how the company should have been structured before. If anything, like with that example you would have a person doing condiments. I actually worked at a McDonalds as a teen and it would be so inefficient if you hired one unique person to make each unique burger on the menu.

It’s probably easier to have one person do it too as I can imagine there being more communication chaos with too many people in the kitchen as they say. Less is more sometimes.

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