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Money Without Mass Media Influence

I was talking to a person recently that surprisingly avoids almost every modern day media and news outlets and as a result she saves a lot of money. We are talking about things such as no cable tv, no reading the news online, avoiding magazine style opinions on various topics, etc. So you can imagine when the person say goes to buy say a CD she would base it entirely if it sounded good or not and not by hype. If she is shopping for clothes it would be based entirely on what she likes/needs and not by what others dub as being the thing to have.

That is like really getting back to bare bone roots I’d say. I have no doubts that you can save a lot of money this way. I don’t know if I could do that personally as excluding yourself from that setting also means that you are preventing yourself form taking advantage of the opportunities that could come with it too. Hence, you could be making more money by embracing it to a certain extent as well.

Example, I’m sure I would save money by not reading about new releases for various products as it can often entice you to buy or upgrade to something that you don’t really need as what you have is good enough. However, with that there is opportunity too. By being more updated you could be the person that people pay to learn more about the item. In terms of saving money it could also help you to determine if price drops are imminent on existing items.

I think the balance here is to use what the mass media tells you in an educational way as oppose to an instructional way. Basically, the things that I hear and read are more of a “so this is how they think” type of mentality. That way, when it comes to money you are still using it based on your needs and circumstances as oppose to allowing the media to make decisions for you. Then if you decide to generate money you can use what you hear to further prepare yourself on the best ways to do it. Basically learning to embrace it and using it to your advantage.

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