Money Budget Versus A Limit Budget
Financial Management

Money Budget Versus A Limit Budget

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Recently I was thinking if I wanted to try some new stuff next month that would require me to spend some money. While money is obviously a factor in these cases I often have more than enough. However I tend to limit myself on what I can get or do if I already have something that is very similar. For example, if I wanted to get a new TV I wouldn’t think “Hey, let’s see if I can afford it” type of routine but rather “If I have one that works then I can’t buy it” type of mindset.

It’s basically self-discipline when it comes to spending where in many cases I think this can be more important than just trying to manage your finances purely from a numbers point of view. I find this way you tend to buy less junk that you don’t necessarily need or items where you get them just to not open them. I often hear people say they go to the store to buy one thing just to walk out with a ton of other things. This helps with that too because if you just focus on do you have enough money now it can be tempting to spend it.

Just one of the simple approaches I have to help you manage your spending more efficiently where eventually it just becomes second nature and a habit.

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