Money Back Guarantee Laziness

Money Back Guarantee Laziness

I saw a commercial that was advertising for some cereal and the theme of it was to inform people of a new guarantee that the company had in place for people who bought the product. Essentially, if you are someone who bought the cereal and for whatever reason you did not like it then you can mail something in to get a full refund of your purchase price.

I was just thinking too how that box of cereal probably costs between $2 to $5. How many people are honestly going to go through the effort to actually mail something in to take advantage of that guarantee assuming they did not like it? I’m willing to bet not many and companies know that too as it is almost like mail in rebates where most people are simply too lazy to redeem them.

Having things as part of an in-store guarantee is a little different as you are more likely to drop by the store again for other things. Imagine if for that cereal they allowed in-store refunds for that guarantee.

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