Monetary Value Gain Based On Your Own Numbers

Monetary Value Gain Based On Your Own Numbers

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It kind of surprises me when I read comments from people who are making very little money compared to more successful people when it comes to certain activities. Because of that, they assume it is a waste of time and give up. Example, think of someone selling items online in their spare time where they make say $50/month and they compare it to someone that makes $10,000/month.

I can understand if say you are spending 40/hrs a week and only making $50/month, but to judge something on simply what others are making is a little pre-mature. Think of that extra $50/month. The immediate thing that comes to my mind is that most people make way less than that in interest from their savings account.

From that perspective, your $50/month sure looks rosey compared to say $1-$10/month. At the same time, like with the bank example would you tell your bank that you don’t want the interest incentive anymore just because it brings in so little? That is an important mentality I’d say to not judge your results so much by comparing yourself to others all the time. Base it on your own numbers and efforts.

If anything, comparing yourself to others should be more about technique and strategies. Example, learn what they do and see how it can possibly apply for you. Bad idea to throw away streams of income like that just because it seems so little in comparison to others I’d say.

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