Missing Half of A Program Even if It Is Cheap
Financial Management

Missing Half of A Program Even if It Is Cheap

There was this activity I was interested in trying in the ne years and I actually have a few days to decide still. While it is very cheap as a promotional price, the thing is there is a schedule conflict where I would actually only be able to attend half of the classes. So if you think about it, the deal isn’t as good as it originally was. It’s still cheaper than the regular rate overall, but it makes it feel like I am just paying a regular price.

Would you still be inclined to spend money on classes and programs in these types of scenarios? Another way of thinking about it is like you are ordering a meal from a restaurant where value wise for what you get it is way cheaper than the regular retail price. However, for whatever reason you can’t actually finish the whole thing and will end up throwing half of it away. It’s still cheaper, but ultimately the value isn’t the same as a result.

So tricky for me as it was something I was keen in trying to see if I like it or not. But at the same time I don’t want to be wasteful.

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