Mind Boggling Prices At Times
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Mind Boggling Prices At Times

This happens many times where you see various items on sale where the only difference is how much you get per pack. Usually, the more you buy the more you save such as buying the larger bulk items would normally be a better value than buying smaller packages. But look at this deal for a pair of socks. It’s literally the exact same product except one pair costs $2.88 and a pack of two pairs is $18.97. They are both marked as a clearance price too. Like here, why in the world wouldn’t you buy the single pair while purchasing multiple quantities if you wanted more for that price?

I actually see t his quite often too where people would still buy the two pack here. The only rationale I have ever heard was that the person was buying it as a gift and simply wanted everything packaged nicely versus wrapping up multiple packages as an example. Or sometimes for groceries one was specifically wanting to buy a certain amount and so despite the better deal they will opt for the more expensive one.

To me it’s pretty much like throwing away money in those kinds of situations. Sometimes you simply don’t know as items could be scattered in as tore where clearance priced items are placed elsewhere. But in cases where they are next to each other or easily viewable like this you should make a habit of taking advantage of the better deal I think. If the reasoning is you will get more than you need, I would be inclined to weigh in all options such as if there is someone else to share the purchase with.

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