Meeting The Right People or Persistence Work Effort Yourself

Meeting The Right People or Persistence Work Effort Yourself

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I was thinking back the other day as I was talking to a person where we both had a common goal a few years ago except there was one major difference. He decided to network with a lot of people within the field he was interested in pursuing while remaining to work at a job he didn’t enjoy in hopes that with enough persistence he will eventually meet the right people where opportunities will be attached with it. For myself I am not exactly a networking butterfly I guess you could say but instead just kept trying to do the work without the safety net of say another job as I was passionate about it.

So recently when I met up with the same person it would be great to see how things have gone all these years. For myself I made huge progress where everything seemed like it was going in the right direction with those milestones being a motivator to keep going. For himself though it almost felt like he was in the same position. While he had the occasional moments of victory for the most part it felt like he was still trying to leave that job mindset while expressing nothing has worked as he has tried everything.

The trying everything part is what triggered a thought as when I compared myself to what he did he technically didn’t try to do things full time himself per se without the mindset of hoping he will just meet the right people. That can happen of course as it has for many people but our two different paths it made me think how if you want something then you need to have the mindset that you have to put in the effort in terms of trying to do it yourself as oppose to simply hoping the right people will come.

In an ideal world you want both of course but I feel the work persistence is more important not only so that it’s more of a mindset that you control your path but rather this would be a true testament on whether or not you truly love what you do to keep going. This is as opposed to simply doing something because of the potential monetary rewards that come with it. They often say you need to be crazy with what whatever it is that you do where the process itself is something you really enjoy.

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