How Many Signs Do You Need To Make Sure People See Them

How Many Signs Do You Need To Make Sure People See Them

safeway sign

I walked past a Safeway supermarket today and I usually don’t shop here much as the prices just seem too high compared to most. However, today there were signs plastered outside the building saying that they have now permanently adjusted the prices for a ton of their products. So, I decided to take a peak.

The interested thing was how in some sections there were just so many signs that it made me wonder if all of this was really necessary. Like for myself I could see having at least one sign in every section as everyone has different shopping needs. But do you really need this many? It makes me think how all the people working in the market research department must have some interesting data where like maybe people need this much messaging to get it to their heads.

safeway aisle

For me it kind of set my expectation higher to want to see some really good competitive pricing. Unfortunately I wasn’t really able to find that many deals to in a sense live up to the hype of all these signs. That’s something to think about too I feel if you are going to spend all this money and resources on signs to get people to your business. Be prepared to deliver or it is in a sense a waste.

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