Making Your Own Gifts To Save Money
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Making Your Own Gifts To Save Money

I was thinking this year for Christmas that for certain people I could actually create something that they would like a lot instead of doing the typical spend X amount of dollar approach that I would normally do.

Just thinking of some of the stuff that I have seen people do, I’ve seen people create their own holiday cards, an artist that draws pictures for people and even simple photo collages consisting of precious memories in a self-made frame.

The first reaction for a lot of people is that their profession isn’t exactly a creative one which rules out the possibility of being able to create something. To that, I’ve actually seen business oriented people just make up their own goofy gift cards type of deal to allow the person to get services from them that people would normally have to pay for. Or better yet, they get to make them to do something that is embarrassing or outside their comfort zone.

It’s all in good fun though and is one way to give things to others without putting a hole in your wallet.

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