Making A Speedy Decision On Who To Work With

Making A Speedy Decision On Who To Work With

I was thinking the other day as during the new years networking is usually a big thing for people where the usual large conventions and meetings come to mind for people to expand their networks. I am usually not a big fan of these things as it seems like it’s more of a social gathering where people stay within what they feel is their safe realm as opposed to trying to expand their network. That usually results in people talking to others that they already know while ignoring the rest.

Makes me wonder how fast one would normally make a decision in-person if they would like to work with someone or not. At the same time whether or not the person being different may be a good thing as they could have complimentary skills to what you have. Often times for company sales techniques they use this often where you try and qualify people to see if they will be a likely customer or example. If not then move on.

I think that can be a mistake when it comes to generally meeting potential future partners and all. Because generally speaking you can’t really fully understand the person’s capabilities and experience so fast while at the same time if you are truly looking to expand with new people then it can be a bit too judgmental to see things the way you currently know only.

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