Making People Mad To Promote A New Service Launch

Making People Mad To Promote A New Service Launch

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Today I was talking to a person on how there was this one company that seemed to be purposely ignoring its customers in a certain service category. As as result, you see lot of angry comments on how bad the service is with suggestions that seemed to have gone to deaf ears. The company then out of nowhere announces that it is releasing a new service that is supposed to solve a lot of these issues. You see some people saying how it’s great as it seems like they are now listening. However, what was most interesting to me was a comment on how this was a shady business tactic.

Basically, the theory was the company had planned for this release a long time ago and as part of the plan to make it more appealing they tried to intentionally make people hate the current features and support on the existing service so that people will be more inclined to sign up emotionally for the new service.

Interesting when you think about it and in many ways it’s not too far fetched that a business would do that. I guess the only real way you can know for sure is to look at history of the company. If it has happened more than once then it is probably more than simply a coincident.

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