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How You Make People Feel Versus Your Efforts

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This was an intriguing thought I was hearing when it came to marketing and why people would support one person so much and not the other. A common remark was that one person was advertising how they are going through all these hardships while trying to be an asset to the community. Therefore, because of those actions people decided to support his business. But one person was expressing how that isn’t entirely true as to why people were supporting him.

The gist of it was it wasn’t so much that the person was doing a noble deed but rather he was able to make people feel sympathy to the point where they want to help. That is a pretty big difference in mindset. That is important because many times people get frustrated where they do all this hard work that people can clearly see yet they still don’t get as much support than another person. I guess you can say it’s not so much about how you feel about your efforts but rather what other people do for them to support you.

Like for all the effort you put in, if that’s your selling point then it needs to be told in a way that the mass can understand as well even if they don’t do what you do. That doesn’t mean don’t do things that make you happy as that is a different topic where you should follow your passion of course. But I think that’s important to remember where when it comes to things like hard work, when you are essentially trying to sell something to people it often does come down to how they personal feel and resonate with your story per se as opposed to just the effort.

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