Magically Working Faster With More Work
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Magically Working Faster With More Work

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So for the first few weeks of this new year I have decided to try a bunch of stuff which should theoretically cause me to stress out timewise considering what I normally did pretty much filled up my day as is. For example, adding two new side projects. However, the funny thing I found was that I ended up finishing my regular tasks way faster and it might be just a coincidence that I ended up finishing everything at virtually the same end of day time period as if I never tried to take more on.

I was thinking this could either be due to the fact that I just naturally got better and more proficient with my current work or knowing that I have more to get done made me work faster than I normally would. I guess it’s like an athlete where when you are in game mode you become more focused to get the job done with less rest time needed as you have no time to waste energy on thoughts and actions that don’t relate to the task.

That seems counter intuitive where if you find you aren’t working fast enough then an answer could be to do more stuff huh? As well, I suppose it shows the is potentially so much more one can do when it comes down to it and you need to challenge yourself to find out.

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