Losing Value On Money By Having Too Much of It
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Losing Value On Money By Having Too Much of It

There seems to be a lot of news roaming around about company acquisitions lately and how large companies are willing to spend a fortune to acquire an existing business. One example is the news about Microsoft willing to pay to $6 billion for a digital marketing company called Aquantive.

As a result I have been reading a lot of comments from people on the web who say that companies or people that have too much money completely lose their ability and sense to really sit down and evaluate on how much value something is really worth from a dollar perspective as they just purchase things that sound okay at a price that they think is fair.

Generally speaking, I guess this is true where when we have an abundance of something we tend to become more impulsive with our decision making process and at the same time take things for granted. When it comes to money specifically, this is not exclusive to say millionaires or the very wealthy, but even with everyday people such as having $50 in hand and thinking you have it so why not spend it on something like say dining out even though you had something prepared at home?

For myself, I think the key thing that has kept me from losing my sense of value when it comes to money is seeing it as more of a time investment rather than just a dollar figure. I’ve mentioned before in regards to learning about the value of a dollar and similarly I think seeing things from a time perspective really makes you think differently about money and how you spend it.

This might sound a little strange, but if you learn to value your time in a more objective way that can also help you when it comes to having a lot of money. As a result, it can also make you more responsible and productive as well with life in general.

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