Looking Beyond Initial Monetary Gains
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Looking Beyond Initial Monetary Gains

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There was a person telling me recently on how he was given the opportunity to partake in a project that wouldn’t exactly be considered as financially rewarding. It did present a good opportunity to get more exposure for himself though. He decided not to do it though as he mentioned that he could be making more money working on a regular project.

I usually encounter people in businesses who debate whether or not they should do something for free or at a heavily discounted rate for various reasons such as at times they could be trying to help out a non profitable organization or that they wish to establish a working relationship with someone.

This type of topic always reminds me about that story on how James Cameron got his break into the film industry. In a nutshell, while most writers would sell their movie scripts for a lot of money, since he was starting out he sold the initial draft to his movie “The Terminator” for $1 if he was guaranteed to be the director for the movie. I guess we all know how it has turned out for him now.

The main times where I wouldn’t want to do things for free are situations where the other party is constantly promising you on how they will give you the moon afterwards or that it should be so easy to do. To me that usually ends up as a situation where the other party doesn’t really respect your time and offerings. But in general, it’s always good to look beyond just monetary compensation as an opportunity itself can be a lot greater.

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