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Limiting Your Usages

The other day I saw a person carrying what looked like three replaceable batteries for his cell phone. I guess evidently he is on it all the time. Therefore, he wants to make sure that he can use it without the fear that he will run out of power. As strange as this may sound, in some ways I am inclined to say if you need like three batteries for the day you are using the product too much which ultimately means spending more money.

It’s almost like over indulging where I feel this habit will just lead to careless spending and dependence on something. Therefore, I usually think about it with things like a cellphone and my usage. If I know the battery will last for 5 hours straight of phone talking for the day and it seems like I need more batteries then my thought is that I am using it way too much to begin with. Therefore, this makes me think of what I can do to not have to use it so much while avoiding to buy and carry more products just to satisfy that habit.

It’s usually about moderation right? With this example in particular I would be inclined to find other means of communication such as actually meeting people face to face if I intend to speak with a person for a great length of time. It’s not even so much about self control I’d say too as opposed to thinking of different ways to accomplish the same goal without having to spend more simply because you can.

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