Like A Part Time Job Finding Bottles And Cans To Recycle
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Like A Part Time Job Finding Bottles And Cans To Recycle

Today while at the mall I noticed a person digging through the trash. I assumed that he was looking for food of sort at first as maybe he was homeless. However, it turned out he was looking for bottles and cans to recycle. Nowadays most of the garbage bins in public areas have separate bins for waste and recyclables. So while the items should go off to be recycled I suppose this person wanted to just recycle them himself and get some money for it.

I noticed people often do this for buildings that have large recycle bins outside as well where people often take the cans and bottles to recycle them for money. It almost makes you wonder, do these people actually earn enough doing this where it could essentially be a part time job of sort? At a mall for example I don’t think it is too far-fetched to say you could possibly get ten dollars per full bin. Maybe even more if it is a busy mall too.

The more I think about it you often see older people doing this who don’t seem like they are bad off financially. I guess the question is would you actually do something like this as a side income? People do dumpster dive to try and fin valuable things to sell too as an example.

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