Leaving Your Planograms Out For The Public To See

Leaving Your Planograms Out For The Public To See

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Today while in the supermarket I noticed that there were planograms that were still on the shelves for some sections. Essentially, these are merchandising layout plans that stores need to implement as part of its sale strategy. This one happened to be in a cereal aisle:

From what I was able to see it appears the business was trying to introduce a product that is essentially trying to undercut other products of the same type. My guess is that the product below is cheaper and so laying it out this way will heavily entice people to buy that brand instead. This reminded me of a show I saw on TV about how supermarkets can often use a company as a way to test the market and if it works they will likely introduce its own products to hopefully gain more profit.

It made me wonder too from a business point of view on whether or not its wise to leave stuff out like this for the public to see. While I’m sure most people wouldn’t think too much of it, like in this example it can potentially show some sensitive business information. I know sometimes planograms can display future sales that you wouldn’t want to otherwise show yet too as if people know that something is going to be on sale the will probably hold off. Interesting for the outsider to read though even though i don’t think it’s good for the business operator.

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