Learning So Much About Fees By Fixing Things Yourself
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Learning So Much About Fees By Fixing Things Yourself

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I recently had an item that needed some repair. From my research the actual part is only about fifteen dollars. However, to open up the item and reinstall the replacement companies would normally charge about sixty dollars an hour with this last about three. To me that is a lot of money for something pretty small. But In cases where you have no experience in repairing the items you don’t really have a choice right?

Well, as it so happens I have experience fixing things like computers and from there I started to look for some quick guides to understand the general process to replace the broken part. After having the confidence to do the repair the whole completion time was less than an hour only. It really was fairly simple. That then made me think how like for a lot of businesses that bill by the hours in this fashion they often just make numbers up that seem profitable.

Like in this case, maybe they wanted to make about $200 so they quote it as such. That’s why at times it can be great to learn how to fix things yourself. So if you ever do bring it into a shop then it truly is more about the fact that you don’t have the time or tools to do it and will know which place is the most honest.

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