Learning Skills Simply By Watching YouTube Videos

Learning Skills Simply By Watching YouTube Videos

Yesterday I was a night market with a group of people and we met a person who was really good at making characters out of balloons. We started to learn a bit about her background and how she got into the profession. Interestingly enough, she mentioned that she learned how to make balloon characters by simply watching videos on YouTube.

It’s interesting when I thought about it as usually our mindset is we have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get the necessary skills to do some kind of work. Like in this case though, there are lot of free resources out there where it simply requires you to dedicate the time to practice the art until you become good enough to make a living of sorts out of it.

Although this is probably not as safe or wise, I have heard that a lot of people nowadays even learn acrobatic moves off YouTube videos as there are a lot of free instructional videos nowadays. As long as you have the interest and passion to do something learning skills doesn’t necessarily mean you need to drain your bank account.

In the end she gave us this Little Mermaid balloon figure of Ariel which I thought would be a nice gift for my niece.

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