Lack of Store Specialty Knowledge Can Mean Big Discounts

Lack of Store Specialty Knowledge Can Mean Big Discounts

parrot bebop drone

While this isn’t true all the time of course I have often found that you can get killer clearance deals from stores that sell items where they don’t seem to have many people who are knowledgeable about the products. Essentially it’s like they carry stuff because it sounds good as opposed to really understanding the market.

Today at one store they were clearing out these parrot bebop drones and it was priced at like $100. This thing retails for like $400 normally. While you can say it’s a just clearance price I don’t think it is a coincident that I often find deals with this kind of combination of retailer knowledge and items.

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I remember before when I worked in retail a supervisor said that they just wanted to clear all these games and was willing to just sell them all at like $2 or less. I was shocked as some of the items were actually pretty valuable. Because I was knowledgeable about it they allowed me to price the items at whatever I thought was best to maximize profit while still selling it all.

Sure enough I priced some at like $25 while others at like $5. They did indeed all sell out pretty fast. But that kind of makes me think like in the example of this parrot bebop drone there probably wasn’t anyone in the store that had any real knowledge of the product. That can sure save you money though as a consumer.

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