Knowing Enough People To Give Things Away To
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Knowing Enough People To Give Things Away To

The other day I received a message from a friend who had a pass to giveaway for an event as he had an extra one on hand. He knew that I would be around the area and figured I may be interested in it. So he offered me the pass which I accepted. Wouldn’t you know it, a few days later I received an extra ticket for an event which I thought he would be interested in and so I asked him if he wanted it which he did indeed.

I find many times people would just in a sense throw away freebies and offers that they receive because they simply have no use of it for whatever reason. But like in the is little example knowing people that you can simply give it away to can just help everyone at the end while acting as a way to keep each other in mind for other things that you may actually be interested in later.

Even companies or celebrities often giveaway stuff that they don’t need where they simply use it as prizes for contests or ways to thank customers or fans. Even for them it can be a mutual beneficial way to maintain a positive relationship amongst a community. So instead of just always throwing things away trying to find people who you can giveaway or donate the items to can be a good idea.

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