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Keeping Track of Daily Earnings

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I was thinking today as I was looking at a report that tells me how much income I have been generating through various sources and at the same time it tells me how my numbers were on the previous month during the same day as well. I must say, seeing it display things such as this month the earnings were 150% more or say the day before was 80% less sure makes you think and want to act quickly in figuring out why that is the case.

I was wondering how effective this would be for personal finance such as if people actually broke it down and compared their spending and earning habits daily as opposed to weekly or monthly. I would be inclined to say this would make people better in managing their finances while at the same time encouraging people to find ways to do things better as opposed to settling for a routine without growth.

This is probably a lot more accessible these days too with things such as apps that you can use to do such a thing. I know for myself I never did this for my personal finance as the time to number crunch everything like that would be very time consuming. With a lot of free options though, maybe it’s not a bad idea.

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