Keeping Notes of Standard Store Prices To Determine Places To Avoid
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Keeping Notes of Standard Store Prices To Determine Places To Avoid

I kind of didn’t believe this today on how much more expensive a large store could sell a product for where I would think people would have to be buying it at that price for them to list it as such. I was browsing around a supermarket called Superstore here and they had a lot of “Simply” branded juice that would normally be about $3.50 for about one and a half litre of juice. But today it was under $2 so it seemed like a decent deal.

I then walking through a Shopper’s Drug Mart store which is technically owned b the same company that owns Superstore. They had this exact same branded juice that was listed for over $6. That is crazy to think how people are paying that price. I have often heard because that store is branded more as a pharmacy of sort which has things like senior days discounts the demographic that buys items there wouldn’t normally going for say groceries. So when they go get their prescription as an example they may buy something on the way out because they realize the want or need it.

For me, that’s why just browsing around various stores when there are no sale prices can be a great way to learn the places you should avoid for certain items. In this case, even the store’s sales prices can be more expensive than the regular price for the exact same product elsewhere.

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