It’s About Obtaining Your Ideal Lifestyle
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It’s About Obtaining Your Ideal Lifestyle

Today while looking around the Vancouver downtown area, which has a lot of snow right now, I was with a real estate agent as I was looking at various buildings in downtown. As always, I like to learn about the lifestyle and philosophies of other people as I think it makes you a more well-rounded person socially and professionally. Not only that, but it is a good idea to get to know who you are really doing business with, so to speak.

During our conversation, I asked the real estate agent on how long she has been in the industry for. She told me for about 8 years and I then followed up by asking if real estate was her career goal from the start and what got her interested in it. Her response was that she actually studied in something completely different. The main reason she wanted to get out of her current field that time was that the hours were preventing her from spending time with her family and that was the most important thing to her. Ever since she got into real estate, her working life has been able to adapt to her family life which worked out great for her and you can see the beam on her face when she said that.

The great thing about this example was how it wasn’t someone getting into something for the sake of money or necessarily just because they wanted different working hours per say, but rather the motivation in this case was to be able to spend time with the family. In my opinion, that kind of mentality always gives you the strength and motivation to keep working towards something as it is a more long term vision for yourself as ultimately it is about obtaining a certain lifestyle. I definitely thought this was a great and touching example of just that.

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  • Real Estate 1/12/2007

    Yes you are absolutely correct about the incident, it makes everyone think who are/were confused about what is important in life carrier or family. In this example it is giving a message that if you want to be with your family you have to choose a carrier, which will allow you to be with your family and work hard to get or earn money, which you always wanted to earn.

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