Investors Wanting To Make Money Versus Preaching Politics

Investors Wanting To Make Money Versus Preaching Politics

People often say that when it comes to a business a lot of people don’t really care about anything other than making money. If someone invests money into a company then all they want is a return. That’s what made this interesting as apparently in recent times Disney executives have been very vocal abut political issues to the point where some wonder if they are some kind of political group now versus just a company that focuses on entertainment.

With that, apparently its investors essentially told them that while they have a right to express opinions and say political beliefs, they shouldn’t do it with their money as investors. That is more common nowadays where companies with established influence with a lot of people seem to be deviating away from simply providing the product and service that they are known for.

It would make sense to try and separate the activities in the same vein where when an employee is currently on the clock then you would expect them to simply try their best at doing the job versus using it as a opportunity to promote specific causes that they strongly believe in. Imagine going to a retail store where the employee starts to approach every customer that enters on why a specific religion/belief is great as an example.

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