Investing In A Lifetime Membership Just For The Deal

Investing In A Lifetime Membership Just For The Deal

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Today I saw a business that was offering one of its service where for the most part it seemed like an online access to its site that had videos and weekly conference calls. The interesting was they had different pricing plans where for the price of three years, which was about $700, you can get lifetime access to the site by paying that huge chunk instead of about $300 a year. It really made me wonder how many people would go for that just because of the perception of the bargain.

For example, imagine you never even used the service before but are interested in trying it. Would you feel silly not to go for the lifetime membership option even though there could be a risk that you would hate it or the company closes shop before all those years? I have also seen this for crowdfunding projects too where people invest say $7000 to get a lifetime worth of products where monthly it would normally cost say $150. Would you be inclined to risk it?

In many ways it is like investing in the stock market where if that service becomes more valuable in the future then you will save a ton. Like a different kind of investing though where you are anticipating to save money.

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