Investing In The Stock And Forgetting About It
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Investing In The Stock And Forgetting About It

I was looking at a particular company recently where the stock price for it has dropped dramatically to the point where if you see potential opportunities for it then it could be a great purchase. It is risky of course where in these cases you should only invest if you are willing to lose it. With that said I was reading some comments from people who purchased it at about $2 a share only to see it now below forty cents or so.

That raised conversations on how some people want to sell now while others say they are in I for the long run. Some comments were interesting where people expressed how they have no intent to sell but just seeing the numbers drop is depressing. It reminds me how some people say where if you are investing for the long term then you should simply put your money in and then let the company do its thing. Because for many obsessing over the numbers going up and down is probably very draining.

I guess that is true if you are truly not going to sell until a certain time and are willing to lose whatever it is that you invested even if the company unfortunately folded. Easier said than done I suppose as there co b those incidents such as the infamous Gamestop stock fiasco where if you weren’t paying attention, you could have made or lost a lot of money.

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