Investing In Expensive Office Chairs For Health or Not
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Investing In Expensive Office Chairs For Health or Not

Recently I was thinking of getting a new chair as the one I have is pretty much worn out. At the time I thought I invested quite a bit at around $250 even though you could get one for say $50. But usually when it comes to items that you use all the time I am more inclined to invest in something good which should pay for itself in the long run. So, I started browsing around for what are apparently top brands and the prices were kind of crazy. For example, $2000 for an office chair?

I can’t help but to think of all the items I can get for $2000 that should theoretically be worth more in every way such as a high-end computer. But let’s just assume you sit in a chair for maybe 8 hours a day and you know for certain a $2000 will give you lasting comfort which is good for your health. Would you be inclined to spend the money or does the amount just feel too big for an item that many people would see as a cheap household tool as an example?

In some crazy way I am thinking if it actually lasts while improving your health versus say sitting in a bad chair for hours each day it can kind of be crazier not to buy it. I think the other avenue in those cases is to search for alternative vendors such as buying chairs from businesses that are liquidating if you are positive it’s the right fit.

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