Investing In Both An Old Loyal Worker or A New Younger One

Investing In Both An Old Loyal Worker or A New Younger One

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This was fascinating as recently I saw a situation where a business had a worker who has been loyal to the business for years and is consistently one of the most reliable and professional people to work with. The common sense thing is to make sure you take care of the person correct? But one thing that’s a factor is how he has been with the company so long that in a few years he is going to naturally retire. So with that in mind the company needs to start investing in new blood.

That is indeed what they did. But that’s what got me thinking as the way they are doing it is to essentially transfer all their focus and investment into these younger people in hopes to get a good long term worker where in doing so they just completely neglect the worker who has been there for years. Imagine it like going to a party where for years one would always make sure you are taken care of food and accommodation wise because you were an essential part of their success. Now you are still essential to their success but completely neglect to try and cater to you in any way and instead just focusing on the new people.

While you definitely need to invest in new talent constantly, that shouldn’t be at the expense of your current stars in my opinion. It’s like a plant where just because one has consistently grown well doesn’t mean all of a sudden you can neglect to give it any water or sunlight. I would imagine that would be like taking your talent for granted. Everyone should be treated independently in that way. Otherwise imagine losing your most loyal people and not being able to find any new talent as well.

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