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Instant No If The Shipping Price Is More Than The Item

I was looking for a shoe mount for my camera today and my first thought was to browse around online to see what kind of deals there were. The prices weren’t too bad as it seemed like you could get one for about $2+ in most cases. However, what surprised me a lot was seeing listings where the price of the shipping was actually more than the item itself. Like in this case, the item was $4.99 and to have it delivered would be $6.98.

Is there actually anyone that would actually go through with the transaction with such prices? Psychologically, I think there are better chances of making a sale if the item was priced at $11.97 with the shipping then being labelled a free. I know for myself, seeing prices like the above makes me instantly look elsewhere. It does make me curious if people actually make sales this way.

The only other logical reason to do this I would assume would be to get people to actually look at your product as it could work the other way around where if your item is priced too high then people won’t even give it a chance. Honestly for myself though, if the price was high it would make me curious in finding out why. In general too, having a “free shipping” label is a pretty powerful sales tool I think when it comes to attracting an online shopping crowd.

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